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Apple Iphone 5 Specification Price Review? Apple iphone 5 price in Malaysia? Joshua Topolsky, former editor Engadget has just revealed some interesting information about Apple's next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5. According Topolsky, writing on This is my next,apple iPhone 5 redesigned and it looks like the 4G iPod Touch. According to sources, the iPhone 5 will be thinner than the iPhone 4, and has a "teardrop", which is in the MacBook Air. The "home" is also larger than that on the iPhone 4.Handhpone Latest News about Apple iPhone 5 2011 is said to be similar to those in the iPhone 4 and earlier models but the screen is bigger chunks. Although no definite measurements but it is expected that these pieces use for a four-inch screen that matches the report from the ranks of Apple production in Asia. Detailed news about the Apple iPhone article 5 Specifications Price Review can be found directly below.Apple iPhone 5.
The news announcement from Apple about the iPhone 5 When the release does not exist officially. But rumors began circulating about the month of release in the Mac community and several pages of gadgets and Apple will release iPhone 5 at the end of June. Such as habit, Apple released the product at the Worldwide Developer's Conference event. But this rumor was denied by another page, The Loop. In its report, The Loop claims Apple will release the iPhone on Sept. 5. 

Puzzle as to what specifications the iPhone 5 is intriguing. Rumor, iPhone Specifications 5 will be equipped with dual-core processor A5, 8-megapixel camera, an internal storage capacity is more spacious, and a wider screen. Another issue even mention the iPhone 5 will be full air-metal casing.
Iphone 5 which will be circulated later certainly more expensive than its predecessor generation i phone 4.Calon dynastic successor generation iPhone that was not even born, the later in isukan will be equipped with mobile payment systems. Cult of Mac, a site which discusses the Mac Os, say if iPhone 5 release, this gadget will be equipped with Near Field Communication technology (NFC).

Judging Iphone 5 that will be outstanding, there is no certainty that menyertainya.tapi atu even if the rumors will certainly look more expensive than the price of iphone 4 that has been circulated in advance.Apple iPhone 5 specification here


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